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Flat Fee Probate Attorney

Low Cost Probates

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Probate Attorney Lisa Weinmann

Probate law is all I do. I have been an attorney since 1993 and have worked in other legal areas. I decided to focus solely on probate because helping a family through a difficult time in their lives is very fulfilling to me.

California Probate

Your Questions Answered

What's The First Step?

A Petition for Probate must be filed in the proper California Superior Court.

How Long Does It Take?

What Is The Cost?

A California probate usually takes about a year after the Petition for Probate is filed with the court.

The amount you will pay for probate depends upon the complexity of your case and your attorney. Find out about my low flat fees by clicking "Learn More" below.

Why Hire Me?

I know this is a difficult time. My goal is to make the probate process simple and easy for you.

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