Probate Fees

Flat Fees for All Probate Services

I charge a flat fee - NOT a percentage of the estate. You will know what the fee is before the probate begins, although the fee is not due until the end of the probate.


Many California probate attorneys charge the "statutory rate", or a percentage of the assets of the estate. The statutory rate is the MAXIMUM fee an attorney may charge for probate. (Here's the law: click here).


I prefer to charge a lower fee.

My clients are more comfortable knowing the exact cost from the start of the probate. It eliminates a lot of uncertainty.

Much of the time my fee is even LOWER than the do-it-yourself legal document services. Call me to compare rates. 

I keep my fees affordable in several ways. Since my focus is entirely on probate, I don't need to "start over" with each probate - taking only probate cases allows me to offer lower fees. I use technology to manage documents, information gathering  and file storage. I communicate as much as possible via telephone calls and emails so we don't need to have unnecessary meetings - it saves your time and mine.

Each case is different and I will need information from you before I can give you a quote. Call me at 661-244-1222 or email me from my contact page and I will let you know your personal attorney fee. 

What I DON'T Do

I keep my prices low by focusing on probate. 

I offer only probate and probate-related services, such as small estates and spousal petitions.

This means there are many legal services I do not offer. 

I don't practice litigation. If you have a dispute about a will or trust, I cannot help you. 

Unlike many estate attorneys, I don't prepare wills or trusts. Estate planning can be a complicated area of law and I prefer to concentrate solely on probate. 

I only accept certain probate cases. 

Call me at 661-244-1222 and tell me about your probate. I will let you know if I can help you. 

Small Estates

If the  estate is worth $150,000 or less, there may be much more simple procedure rather than probate you can use to transfer the property to your name. The process you use depends on whether the property is real or personal property. 

Personal property may be able to be transferred using a Transfer by Affidavit. The affidavit does not usually have to be filed with a court. It must be signed by all people entitled to inherit the property. 

A combination of real and personal property may be able to be transferred with a procedure found under California Probate Code §13150. The assets must be appraised by a probate referee and a Petition to Determine Succession to Real Property must be filed with a court and a judge must issue an order. 

Real property under $50,000 may be able to be transferred under California Probate Code §13200. The property must be appraised by a probate referee and an Inventory and Appraisal must be completed. This petition must be filed with a clerk of court. 

Call or text 661-244-1222 or email me from the contact page and we can determine if a small estates procedure will work for you.  Office hours are 9-4, Monday through Friday. 

Other Probate Services

Spousal Petitions in California

Did your husband or wife pass away in California? In addition to your grief, you may be confused about the legal steps you must take after your spouse dies.


In many cases, the legal procedure is quick and simple compared to traditional probate. For example, it may be possible to file a Spousal Property Petition (DE-221)  with the California Probate Court. The court will determine your share of the community and separate property. Once the court approves the petition, the property is passed to the surviving spouse and the court order provides proof of the transfer.


Click here to see a DE-221.


However, each situation is different. Is there a will? Any children? First marriage or a subsequent one? How is the property titled? Different answers may require a different legal procedure. 


Is a Spousal Petition right for you? What are the steps and how much does it cost?

Call or text 661-244-1222 or email me from the contact page and I can answer your questions.  Office hours are 9-4, Monday through Friday.

Do You Live Outside of California?

Do you live outside California but need help with a California probate? Many of my clients are residents of other states.


Perhaps the decedent was a resident of California or owned property in California. You may or may not need to open a case with a California probate court. 

Call me - I can help. 

No matter where you live, we can work together over the phone. An office visit is not necessary. 

Call or text 661-244-1222 or email me from the contact page and I can answer your questions.  Office hours are 9-4, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time. 


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