How to Lower the Costs of a California Probate

You are dealing with the emotional toll of a death in your family and you realize you need to open a probate case.  You are shocked when you see how much time and money it will take to go through the probate process.

There are two ways you can save money on your probate case in California:

          • You can do it yourself.

          • You can hire an attorney who will agree to take your probate case for a lower rate.

Most California probate attorneys charge the maximum rate set by the California Probate Code. However, some attorneys may be willing to negotiate lower fees. Call a few attorneys - you can ask for a lower rate and you can determine whether an attorney would be a good fit for you.

My probate fees are available here. I practice only probate law, which allows me to keep my prices low. Call or text me today at (661) 244-1222 if you have questions about your probate.

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