Do-It-Yourself Probate

Should you handle your own probate case in California?

It’s possible to go through the probate process in California without an attorney, especially if you you have the time and patience to learn the process, and your probate case is simple.  

If you decide a do-it-yourself probate is right for you, there are two options. You can go directly to the California Probate Court, or you can find a document assistant company.

The California courts website has probate forms and information available. (Here is a link.) After you research this website, you may have a better understanding as to whether you want to take on your probate case yourself.  If you need more information, there are probate books specifically written for California probates.

California document assistant companies charge a fee to help you fill out your probate forms. Keep in mind these companies are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice. In some cases their fees may actually be higher than the fees of an attorney.

If you have any probate questions, please call me. I am a licensed California attorney and my probate fees are very low.

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